75% Of America Thinks Joe Biden Too Old For Office

 August 29, 2023

Joe Biden has been pretending as though he would be able to keep up his presidential charade for four more years, but we all know it's a lie.

America's 80-year-old president is already too ancient, too incompetent, too confused, and too corrupt to finish out this term. It would be insanity to expect this guy to make it through four MORE years of these rigors.

Yet that's exactly what establishment liberals want us to believe is going to happen.

President Biden can't peddle his own bike.

President Biden can't walk through grass without tripping.

President Biden can't manage steps safely.

This is not a man who has what it takes to be president for four more years.

A whopping 77% of Americans just said so. Eighty-nine percent of Republicans think that Biden is too old to handle a second term. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats think that Joe Biden is too old to handle a second term.

So, who DOES believe in this guy?

America's liberal politicians, and America's corrupt media. That's about it.