66% don't want Biden on ticket in 2024, exit polls say

November 9, 2022

A CBS News national exit poll found that 66% of voters do not want to see President Joe Biden run as again after his current term ends in 2024.

Only 30% said they did want to see Biden on the ballot in 2024, even though he has said repeatedly that he plans to run for re-election.

It would be nice to think that this poll dooms Biden's chances if he does run again, but as we saw on Tuesday, many voters are ideologically driven and would probably vote for Biden solely because he has a "D" after his name.

That's probably why Biden says he plans to run again and that his wife supports the idea.

After all, he's been president for two years now in his diminished state, and the Democrat Party couldn't be happier -- no matter what they people it is supposed to represent actually think.

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