CAA agent to Tom Cruise gives up position over Israel comments

October 24, 2023

It's nice to see cancel culture working in the right way for once, even if the whole concept is dubious.

A leading Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Hollywood agent to such stars as Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg has left her leadership role with the organization after she accused Israel of "genocide" in its response to Hamas' egregious attack on it's people earlier in the month.

Maha Dakhil has left senior leadership of CAA as well as her position on the agency's internal board over the comments, which she apologized for after making them.

Dakhil reposted an Instagram story about the conflict between Hamas and Israel that said in part about Israel, “You’re currently learning who supports genocide.” A swift backlash ensued, as well it should have, because Israel is defending itself against an unexpected and unprovoked attack, and is not deliberately killing babies, children, and raping women as Hamas did.

Besides Cruise and Spielberg, Dakhill represents Natalie Portman, Madonna, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, and Olivia Wilde among many others. The announcement from CAA said she will continue to represent clients.

But maybe not Portman, who is Jewish. We will see who still wants her as an agent after this.

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