40% now think Joe Biden did something illegal in business dealings with Hunter

October 24, 2023

The number of Americans in a Fox News poll who now think President Joe Biden did something illegal in regards to his son Hunter Biden's business dealings has reached 40%, with another 29% saying they think his dealings were unethical.

That number is still lower than the 52% who think former President Donald Trump did something wrong in his handling of classified documents (even though if Trump did, so did Biden).

When it comes to Hunter Biden, 52% now think he did illegal things in his business dealings with Ukraine and China. What exactly they think he did that didn't involve his father is a mystery not covered in the poll.

Only 8% didn't think Hunter did anything wrong, down from 19% in the last poll.

The poll shows exactly how hard it is for people to be objective, given that most Democrats still think Trump is getting a fair shake in his legal cases. Republicans, of course, don't agree.

Of course, the poll was conducted two weeks ago now, which is before proof of a $200,000 payment directly from James Biden to his brother Joe was revealed by House Republicans. Wonder how many people think he's a criminal now?