Nikki Haley releases brutal Biden ad

By Jen Krausz on
 April 26, 2023

Nikki Haley may not be gaining much traction as a GOP primary candidate -- she's mostly in single digits in the polls -- but that didn't stop her from going after President Joe Biden hard in a new ad titled, "Biden is a failure."

“He’s not working to secure the border. He’s not trying to make us energy independent. He’s not doing anything to make the world more safe,” a clip of Haley during a Fox News appearance said to start off the ad.

Speaking about the botched Afghan withdrawal the Biden administration presided over in 2021, and in which 13 U.S. service members died, she said, “That was the day that America became weak. That was the day the world became less safe.”

She also mentions Biden's failing border policies, which have seen record numbers of illegal immigrants cross the border. “Is this who you’re going to put back up for president next year, because you’re basically telling America, ‘Make sure you live with this illegal immigration problem, because this president’s not doing anything to change it,'” Haley said while showing footage of a recent trip to the border.

Inflation was another Biden failure she mentioned, saying, “These are Americans who are just trying to make ends meet. These are Americans who are spending $6,000 more this year than they were last year. These are Americans going into credit card debt because of things that he has done.”

The ad was great, but if she can't get more Republicans to take a serious look at her, it really won't do much good to have great ads against Biden.