Sullivan denies being part of Biden influence peddling scheme during briefing

By Jen Krausz on
 April 25, 2023

Jake Sullivan, national security advisor to President Joe Biden, denied on Monday during a White House briefing that he participated in Biden family’s alleged foreign influence-peddling “conspiracy” in Ukraine when asked about it by a reporter.

“Do you have a response to that and were you a part of a corrupt influence peddling operation involving the Biden family in Ukraine or other countries?” Sullivan was asked.

"No," he said tersely before quickly moving on to the next question.

Former Obama administration stenographer Mike McCormick has said that he gave a tip to the FBI in February that he witnessed Jake Sullivan tell reporters on Air Force 2 in 2014 that the U.S. intended to help the Ukrainian gas industry.

“Joe Biden committed crimes in Ukraine in a conspiracy with [current national security adviser] Jake Sullivan,” McCormick told the New York Post. “I’m a witness to that happening.” The FBI never responded to McCormick's tip, so he went public with the information earlier in the month.

It would seem that by simply answering "no" to the reporter's question that Sullivan accepts the premise that there was a Biden influence peddling scheme, or wouldn't he have said there wasn't one as part of his denial?