Pinkerton: Nation deserves answers from Biden on Chinese spy incident

By Jen Krausz on
 February 6, 2023

Breitbart News columnist James Pinkerton asked of President Joe Biden in a new piece the same question that was asked of Richard Nixon during Watergate: "What did he know (about the Chinese spy balloon) and when did he know it?"

Pinkerton pointed out that the spy balloon incident was even more serious than Watergate because it could impact all 355 million Americans if they use intel they gathered to attack us.

And of course, Nixon did know about Watergate and was forced out of office because of it. Wonder what will happen to Biden?

Pinkerton had many questions for Biden, and foremost among them was why Biden didn't say anything publicly about the balloon for almost a week until the local media noticed it and broke the story in Montana.

He also wanted to know if Biden decided to sit on the story and not react out of a misguided notion that climate negotiations with China were more important than dealing with this provocation.

Among his other questions were whether Biden saw the balloon as primarily a political issue rather than a national security issue and whether the $54 million in Chinese donations to Biden's Penn think tank colored his view of the situation.