27 shot, 3 dead in latest weekend of violence in Chicago

By Jen Krausz on
 June 19, 2023

Twenty-seven people were shot and three of them killed over the weekend in Chicago, now run by progressive Brandon Johnson (D).

Shooting numbers well into the double digits have become a staple for the city, despite some of the strictest gun control in the entire country.

Electing a progressive mayor who is likely to cut police budgets even more was not a good move for voters in the city, although they had the right idea in getting Lori Lightfoot out of that position.

It's Johnson's problem now, and it doesn't seem like he has any more clue about solving it than Lightfoot did.

The problem isn't guns, it's the fact that gang members outnumber police 9 to 1 in the city - -and they have lots of illegal guns.

Until these problems are solved, this number of shootings is going to happen on a daily basis.