Former President Donald Trump holds that golden ticket, and he just gave out TWO in the gubernatorial race in Missouri.

"Trump announced his endorsement 'ERIC' in the Missouri Republican primary for the U.S. Senate after his decision came down to two candidates: former Gov. Eric Greitens (R-MO) and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt," reports Breitbart.

"Earlier this month, Trump stated he would not be endorsing Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) in the race, setting up a dynamic where Greitens and Schmitt were in contention for his backing, as all remaining candidates were polling in single digits," reports Breitbart.

The candidates have spent weeks anticipating who would receive Trump's endorsement, and in an epic, Trump-like move, both candidates received the endorsement in a comical Truth Social post:

This is a BIG Election in the Great State of Missouri, and we must send a MAGA Champion and True Warrior to the U.S. Senate, someone who will fight for Border Security, Election Integrity, our Military and Great Veterans, together with having a powerful toughness on Crime and the Border. We need a person who will not back down to the Radical Left Lunatics who are destroying our Country. I trust the Great People of Missouri, on this one, to make up their own minds, much as they did when they gave me landslide victories in the 2016 and 2020 Elections, and I am therefore proud to announce that ERIC has my Complete and Total Endorsement.

Trump left the fate of the gubernatorial race to the state of Missouri, endorsing both Erics.

🚨President Donald Trump Endorses ERIC SCHMITT for U.S. Senate🚨

Statement from @Eric_Schmitt: “It is truly an honor to have President Trump’s endorsement in the Senate race.

— Team Schmitt for US Senate (@Schmitt4Senate) August 1, 2022

Honored to have the support of President Trump! We will MAGA! 🇺🇸

— Eric Greitens (@EricGreitens) August 1, 2022

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An Arkansas Republican is stepping up and saying he is considering running for president in the 2024 election, but will it be short lived?

The Washington Post reported that Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said he was "thinking" about running for president in 2024.

"Hutchinson advised that a decision to run would not be made until after the 2022 midterms but emphasized that 2024 was 'critical in terms of shaping the Republican Party,'" reported Breitbart.

"It is really critical that we save that until after November of this year," Hutchinson said.

"And so, obviously, I am thinking about it, but I am not going to be having any decision until next January. We are going to focus on this year. But 2024 is so critical in terms of shaping the Republican Party, and so, whether it is as a candidate or whether it is in some other role, I certainly want to be a voice. And this is an important point: Somehow, people think that if you are not 100% pure behind Donald Trump, then somehow, you are a moderate," he continued.

"My record is as conservative as anyone in the United States of America. But I am able to reach across the aisle to help. And so, it’s an effective message," Hutchinson added.

"But I think the test in 2024 is can a conservative who has a more optimistic view of America, that does not resort to personal grievances, can that person win? And that is what I want to be able to support in the fight for 2024," Governor Hutchinson concluded.

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President Joe Biden is a known hypocrite, often contradicting himself and speaking clear discrepancies.

"Biden is set to announce Monday that the U.S. has killed Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, after slamming President Donald Trump when he announced that the U.S. had taken out ISIS and Iranian terrorist leaders in 2019 and 2020," reports Breitbart.

"When Trump confirmed in October 2019 that U.S. special forces had found and killed ISIS founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Biden did not offer simple congratulations, but said the operation had succeeded despite Trump’s 'erratic' behavior," Breitbart reported.

"Former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading 2020 White House hopeful, said on Monday that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a U.S. military operation despite President Trump’s 'ineptitude' as commander in chief.

"I’m glad President Trump ordered the mission," Biden said in a statement. "But as more details of the raid emerge, it’s clear that this victory was not due to Donald Trump’s leadership. It happened despite his ineptitude as commander-in-chief."

"His erratic behavior made it harder and more dangerous for the special forces carrying it out. And they had to fly through territory that is now hostile to the U.S., taking fire along the way—including territory we controlled just weeks ago," Biden said.

"Al-Zawahiri took over Al Qaeda after U.S. forces eliminated Osama bin Laden in 2011. He was one of the most elusive terror figures in the world, and U.S. intelligence hunted in vain for him for many years until he was ultimately found and killed," Breitbart reported.

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Lawmakers in California were working very carefully to get their disgusting plan in place.

Luckily, Superior Court Judge Richard Ulmer was willing to fight back.

In 2016, the mentally ill lawmakers in California decided to put an ordinance in place in San Francisco that allowed illegal aliens "to vote in citywide school board elections so long as they are the parent of a school-aged child and are not incarcerated or out on parole."

By 2018, liberals had spent $400,000 to popularize, advertise, and promote their new rule.

The fruits of their labors?

Sixty-one foreign nationals were registered to vote.

That's over $6,557 per newly registered voter.

Ulmer had had enough of the ridiculous law, and recently overturned it on the grounds that California's own Constitution states that in order to vote in California the person must be "a United States citizen 18 years of age and resident in this state."

Liberals weren't concerned with that tiny bit of detail however, they wanted to sign up as many liberal voters as possible. Even if it meant breaking the Constitution.

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Fox News Channel's Bret Baier recently left America stunned when he did something that is rarely done on the largely conservative network:

Praise President Joe Biden.

Now Baier isn't saying that Joe Biden is the long-term solution at the top, but he just wants to give credit where credit is due.

This doesn't mean that Joe Biden is a conservative hero now.

This doesn't mean that we can trust Joe Biden.

This doesn't mean that Joe Biden needs to stay in office for another term.

It just means that news of the attack went about as well as we could have hoped.

Bret Baier simply wanted to point out that Dirty Joe is actually having a "couple of good weeks" because of America killing Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri.

Co-host Jesse Waters said of Ayman's death, "Well, obviously a great win for the United States and a clear victory over terrorism. Politically for the president, we’ve just talked about it in the A-block, how the administration and some in the media have been framing this as the resurgence of the Biden presidency and a few things about to be passed in Congress. And now this big strike announcement tonight. Do you think the president is going to look to capitalize on this momentum and head into August after being down for quite some time on the mat?"

"100%, Jesse. I mean, listen, you can’t take away that this has been a couple of good weeks for the president, who has been, we haven’t seen too much of, he’s been behind the scenes with COVID, but he is at least on the precipice of a couple of legislative wins. We don’t know if it’ll all line up, but it seems like it is. And obviously got the CHIPs bill now with this announcement. Again, it will be positive. You can’t look at it any other way, and it will not take away from the horrible nature in which we got out of Afghanistan. But it will enable them to make the case that they’re still fighting terrorists around the globe," Bret Baier responded.

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Veteran Hollywood camera operator Eugene Huelsman has been sentenced to six months of house arrest.

The reason?

Last year, he promised to cause the death of Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida.

Huelsman called up the Republicans district office and left a very disturbing voicemail.

In it, he told Gaetz to "watch his back" and "watch his children."

The reason?

Huelsman planned "put a bullet" in Gaetz and "f---ing kill" him and his family.

BREAKING: Eugene “Gene” Huelsman, a longtime camera operator for CNN, ABC, NBC, and others, has been ARRESTED for threatening to kill Matt Gaetz and his family.

Another man who recently threatened Rep. Gaetz is still free after the DOJ blocked USCP's recommendation for arrest.

— Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) October 27, 2021

Eugene Huelsman's defense attorney has confirmed that Eugene "lost all employment" following the arrest.

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New York magazine is known for being one of the friendliest publications toward liberals in the entire world.

So when even they are voicing concerns about the Democratic Party and its people, you know that there are real problems brewing.

Their newest target is Cacklin' Kamala Harris, who they were very pumped to have as Vice President next to Joe Biden.

That was then though, and this is now.

At this point, Kamala is obviously a less popular person than even Joe Biden.

Both of them have been such disasters in office that even liberals like those at New York are insisting America look elsewhere for leadership.

"Eighteen months in, thanks to a combination of Biden’s age and unpopularity, the lingering pandemic and punishing inflation, a relentless opposition, and — most visibly — her own struggles to communicate a satisfactory role for herself, Harris has reached an unparalleled low point."

One question though, how could she be at a low POINT if things were never better before and aren't getting any better in the future?

She's not at a low point, she's just low.

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Previously, President Joe Biden publicly voiced concerns about Nancy Pelosi's planned trip to Taiwan.

Now that Nervous Nancy is there, it would appear as though the White House is backing off of Biden's old comments.

In fact, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby even took the podium at the daily White House press briefing to chastise China for threatening war if Pelosi visited Taiwan.

"We will not take the bait or engage in saber-rattling. At the same time, we will not be intimidated."

Kirby acknowledged that China was "positioning" itself to attack if Pelosi visited Taiwan.

Now that she's there, only time will tell how this situation plays out.

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We're all out here playing checkers, while Donald Trump is playing chess.

Heck, he even might be on 3D chess at this point while we're still trying to figure out how the pieces move.

Proof of this can be found in his carefully calculated political actions, even when he's not actively campaigning.

He was recently asked who he endorsed in Missouri's Republican primary contest for U.S. Senate.

His response? "Eric."

Those familiar with the race knew exactly what Donald was doing.

Three candidates in the primary are called "Eric," including the two favorites.

The race is thought to be down to two realistic options, Eric Greitens and Eric Schmitt.

45: I trust the Great People of Missouri, on this one, to make up their own minds, much as they did when they gave me landslide victories in the 2016 and 2020 Elections, and I am therefore proud to announce that ERIC has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

— Taylor Budowich (@TayFromCA) August 1, 2022

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Some of the poorest people in the world are coming across the U.S. southern border and using U.S. resources as they wait for asylum hearings, all because of President Joe Biden's lax border policies.

Most of these illegal immigrants do not have valid claims for asylum, but they are still being allowed into the U.S. where they may disappear before their hearings and stay inside the U.S. indefinitely.

Some of them have hearings scheduled in New York, Florida or Washington, D.C., but they can't even afford a bus ticket to get there.

Many are putting down the address of NGO buildings because they don't have anywhere to go.

Some of these desperate illegal immigrants are falling victim to drug smugglers and human traffickers, who are pulling down 26 times the profits they did under former President Donald Trump.

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