2020 Trump Donors Who Bailed Coming Back For 2024

 November 29, 2023

Former President Donald Trump just received a massive victory.

The same Republican donors who turned on him after his election in 2020, have come back and pledged their loyalty to Trump for the 2024 election.

Trump is now armed with all the funding he could ever need.

“While Trump may have not been some Republicans’ first choice for 2024, many are coming back on board because of the risk of Joe Biden being a two-term president is just too high. His lead in the polls is unparalleled, and barring any legal action, there is nothing politically that could stop him from becoming the nominee,” said GOP strategist and Trump fundraiser, Charlie Kolean, to ABC News.

Whether he was their first choice or not, Trump is, once again, America’s best shot at ridding the White House of the scourge that is President Joe Biden.

It's not so much that a Republican has to defeat Biden; it's that a Republican has to defeat Joe Biden and every other crooked liberal in this country who continues to cover for our bumbling leader.

If there is any man that can take down Biden, it is Donald Trump.