17 people shot, 1 fatally, in Democrat-run Chicago over just two days

August 28, 2023

Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) may be a new face as Chicago's mayor but it is business as usual in the Windy City as murder and violence are still out of control and in just two days, 17 people were shot, with one killed.

One man was shot early on Saturday morning and was hit in the head and the foot and later died after he was transported to a local hospital.

That unfortunate individual joins a massive list of hundreds of people who have been killed in Chicago since January of this year.

On average, dozens of people are shot every weekend in Chicago, and of those dozens, a handful are killed.

It seems nothing has changed even with the exit of former mayor Lori Lightfoot (D), which isn't a massive surprise. In many aspects, Johnson is even more radical than Lightfoot and he is pushing policies that make Chicago even more dangerous.

The people of Chicago won't be safe until they choose to elect someone who is going to create real change and reform Chicago's oppressive gun laws that disarm innocent citizens.

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