14 People shot, 4 fatally, over the weekend in Chicago

September 11, 2023

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) promised to bring change and improve the lives of his constituents, but seven months into his administration, the Windy City is as deadly as ever.

14 people were shot starting on Friday going into Saturday night, with 4 of those victims suffering fatal wounds.

This past weekend continues a trend of extreme violence as dozens are shot nearly every weekend.

As of August of this year, 415 people were killed in Chicago. With a few months left in this year, it seems inevitable that murders will continue to climb, and Chicago will remain one of America's deadliest cities.

There are a lot of factors contributing to Chicago's violence, but many of those factors can be traced back to the city's Democrat leadership. Chicago hasn't had a Republican mayor in nearly 100 years.

Many thought Johnson would bring change to Chicago, but it seems his radical leftist agenda has done nothing, and his constituents will continue to pay the price.

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