14 Israeli soldiers killed in action over Christmas weekend in Gaza

 December 25, 2023

Israeli forces fighting in the Gaza Strip endured the bloodiest weekend in the campaign as the IDF confirmed that 14 soldiers were killed in action this past weekend.

The Associated Press reported that the deaths occurred throughout central and southern Gaza as Israel has captured and maintained control of northern Gaza.

Israeli forces have suffered 153 fatalities since their campaign in Gaza began following the October 7th terrorist attack that shocked the world.

Hamas terrorists broke into Israel and butchered soldiers and civilians alike. The unspeakable acts committed, especially against women, shocked the world, and Israel vowed brutal revenge at any cost.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "We are continuing with full force until the end, until victory, until we achieve all our goals. The destruction of Hamas, the return of our hostages, and ensuring that Gaza will never again constitute a threat to the State of Israel.”

While the 153 casualties are tragic, it is still a small fraction of the over 1,200 that died on Oct. 7 at the hands of terrorists. Furthermore, it is estimated that Israel has killed untold numbers of terrorists since the campaign began and it is safe to say that Israel's soldiers are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to destroy terrorists and protect their people.